Assessing and mitigating risk to the reliable operations of an interdependent system like the Bulk Power System (BPS or "electric grid") is complex and requires a technical understanding of the connections and relationships between the various owners, users, operators and their respective systems. Our regulatory model recognizes that a high level of industry expertise and productive engagement is essential to providing Assurance to the public that the electric grid is operated reliably. It’s MRO’s shared responsibility with the industry.

MRO Risk Assessment and Mitigation is responsible for assuring risks are properly addressed through the appropriate application of NERC Reliability Standards and corresponding comprehensive mitigation efforts by the industry, which prevent reoccurrence.

Through the Risk Assessment and Mitigation process, MRO gains a greater understanding of the potential risk and actual risk to reliability of the BPS and provides feedback to the Reliability Standard-setting process to strengthen the reliable operations of the BPS through a technically, sufficient set of standards.