Staff Contact
Erin Cullum MarcussenSouthwest Power Pool, Inc.NERC Compliance & Certification Committee (CCC)12/31/2024
Jeff Norman

Jaimin PatelSaskatchewan Power CorporationNERC Electric Gas Working Group (EGWG)12/31/2024

Dianlong Wang

Thomas WhynotManitoba HydroNERC Energy Reliability Assessment Task Force (ERATF)12/31/2024

Dianlong Wang

Jon RadloffAmerican Transmission CompanyNERC Facilities Ratings Task Force (FRTF)12/31/2024
Jeff Norman

David BrauchMISONERC Inverter-Based Performance Subcommittee (IRPS)12/31/2022
Jake Bernhagen

OpenNERC Project Management and Oversight Subcommittee (PMOS)
Alan KlosterEvergyNERC Security Integration and Technology Enablement Subcommittee (SITES)12/31/2024

Steen Fjalstad

OpenNERC Security Working Group (SWG)12/31/2024

Steen Fjalstad

Troy BrumfieldAmerican Transmission CompanyNERC Standards Committee (SC)12/31/2024
OpenNERC Supply Chain Task Force (SCTF)
Tony EddlemanNebraska Public Power DistrictNERC Supply Chain Working Group (SCWG)12/31/2024

Steen Fjalstad

Wayne GuttormsonSaskatchewan Power CorporationNERC System Planning Impacts from Distributed Energy Resources (SPIDERWG)12/31/2024

Salva Andiappan

Mark GutzmannXcel EnergyNERC System Protection and Control Working Group (SPCWG)12/31/2022

John Grimm