‚ÄčThe MRO NERC Standards Review Forum (NSRF) meets weekly to provide an efficient process for reviewing and providing jointly agreed upon comments to NERC Standards Drafting Teams during the NERC Reliability Standards development process and for other draft policies or processes open for comment. The NSRF is comprised of MRO stakeholders with relevant experience in the electric utility industry. The NSRF calls are open to the public and anyone can participate in the call.

The NSRF provides a platform for discussion on the development of NERC Standards, to include review of Standards Authorization Requests (SARs), proposed new or modified NERC Reliability Standards, Interpretations of existing NERC Reliability Standards, and other draft policies and procedures, among others. As a forum, stakeholders collaborate on the development of voting recommendations for NERC ballots.

The NSRF meets weekly by teleconference and these calls are open to anyone who wants to participate. The NSRF benefits from the active participation of:

  1. experienced operating and planning personnel
  2. representation from all MRO sectors across the MRO footprint
  3. other experts with an interest in the reliability of the Bulk Power System

View the NSRF Roster.

View the NSRF Charter.

The NSRF also uses a comment request e-mail to solicit comments from our stakeholders. If you would like to be added to this list, e-mail your request to MRO.