​​​The MRO Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program Advisory Council (MRO CMEP Advisory Council) is a MRO Organizational Group that provides advice and counsel to MRO's Board of Directors (board), the board's Organizational Group Oversight Committee, staff, members and registered entities on topics such as the development, retirement, and application of NERC Reliability Standards, risk assessment, compliance monitoring, and the enforcement of applicable standards. The MRO CMEP Advisory Council increases outreach and awareness in these key areas.

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The MRO CMEP Advisory Council oversees the following subgroups:

The NSRF provides an open forum for MRO stakeholders via conference call to discuss NERC standards-related projects. Based on these discussions, the NSRF develops public comments on behalf of the regions to submit to NERC.

Subject Matter Expert Teams are assembled by the MRO CMEP Advisory Council and approved by the MRO Organizational Group Oversight Committee to develop and provide industry with non-binding guidance on the application of existing and proposed NERC Reliability Standards.

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