The MRO Subject Matter Expert Teams' (SMETs) purpose is to develop non-binding application guidance materials, and non-binding assistance to stakeholders, in understanding application of NERC Reliability Standards requirements through MRO Standard Application Guides (SAGs) as directed by the MRO Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program Advisory Council (CMEP Advisory Council).

The SMETs consider all concerns and comments provided by MRO members and MRO councils when developing non-binding application guidance materials. Upon completion of the guidance, the SMET may represent MRO at various forums to present and convey the SMETs' non-binding application guidance materials. 

View the SMET Charter.

The MRO welcomes suggestions to improve the implementation of new and/or revised Reliability Standards. Please use the Standards Application Guide Request Form to submit your proposal for a new Standard Application Guide.

These do​cuments may be freely reproduced and distributed.

Standard Application Guides

CIP-002-5.1 (BES Cyber System Categorization)

CIP-003-6 R2 (Cyber Security - Security Management Controls)

​CIP-010-2 (Cyber Security Configuration Change Management and Vulnerability Assessments)

FAC-008-3 (Facility Ratings)

MOD-025-2 (Verification and Data Reporting of Generator Real and Reactive Power Capability and Synchronous Condenser Reactive Power Capability)

PRC-002-2 (Clarification of Fault Recorder (FR) Trigger Setting Requirements )

PRC-004-5 (i) (Protection System Misoperation Identification and Correction)

PRC-005-6 (Protection System, Automatic Reclosing, and Sudden Pressure Relay Maintenance)

TPL-001-4 Version 2 (Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements)


Legacy Standard Application Guides

COM-002-2 (Communications and Coordination)

CIP-002 through CIP-009 Version 3 (Critical Infrastructure Protection)

PER-005-1 (System Personnel Training)

FAC-003-3 Version 1.a (Transmission Vegetation Management)