Frequency of Reporting: Annually

Frequency Response and Bias Frequency
Response is provided by generating resources with proper governor control. Balancing Authority's (BA) must annually calculate and report the average frequency response provided to the interconnection by the generating resources in the BA. Additionally, the BA must report the forecasted peak demand for the next year and the bias setting that will be used in the BA's Area Control Error (ACE) equation. This information will be used by NERC to determine the L10 to be used by the BA in determining compliance with Control Performance Standard 2 (CPS2).

NERC initiates reporting annually with a data request to the BA's. In MRO the data request is coordinated by the MRO staff member representative to the NERC Resource Subcommittee. The data request is comprised of two Excel spreadsheets. The Form 1 spreadsheet contains a list of events that have been selected by the NERC Frequency Working Group to be used to evaluate frequency response. Form 1 is also used to summarize frequency response for each event as calculated in the Form 2s. Form 2 is used to calculate frequency response for each event identified in Form 1. A separate Form 2 is required for each event that is evaluated. The results of the individual Form 2s is copied into a single Form 1 for each BA. All Form 1s and Form 2s are to be submitted to NERC.

BAs are encouraged to collect data on a regular basis to enable data collection.

MRO's Role
The annual data request is coordinated by the MRO Staff member representative to the NERC Resource Subcommittee. 

Need More Information?
For more information on Frequency Response visit the NERC Resource Subcommittee page.

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