Frequency of Reporting:  
This is a one-time survey due October 1, 2014.

FERC Order 754
In September, 2011, FERC issued Order No. 754 addressing risk associated with single points of failure on protection systems. In response, NERC and industry developed a section 1600 data request to discover the extent and risk involved with single point of failure events. The data request is comprised of a survey sent to all Transmission Planners, who in collaboration with GOs, TOs, and DPs, will identify potential single points of failure on their systems and associated risks to Bulk Power System reliability. Survey responses are mandatory for registered TPs in the United States. Canadian entities are strongly encouraged to submit data such that final decisions regarding Order No. 754 are based on complete data across North America.

The Order No. 754 data reporting portal is currently open for buses operated at 100 kV or higher and below 200 kV. The reporting deadline for these voltage classes is September 30th, 2014.


  • TPL-001-4 Based on survey results, modifications to this standard may be requested.
  • Based on survey results, a new PRC standard addressing the reliability of Protection Systems may be requested.

Need More Information?
More details on the request can be found on the NERC website here.

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